What are your strengths and how are you going to utilize your strengths to sell yourself as a assets for a company?

Every interviewer/client is looking for an answer to – “Why should we hire you?
It all depends on one single thing and that is – How good are you in selling yourself as an asset to the company.

So starting from the Communication Skill, which is a major strength for a Business Analyst.

It includes all aspects of communication, be it a written communication skill or verbal communication. This also involves good listening skills – if a person is not good at listening then he/she may miss a lot of information and the biggest part of a business analyst role is to listen carefully to the client’s requirements to portray the same as an effective design or requirement document.
If one is good at listening then the information coming in can be accumulated and later the same can be used while analyzing or documenting the requirements.

Not listening for a while during a meeting or discussion may result in losing a lot of information which might be required for you, or there could be chance that you may miss an answer to the question which was earlier written by you. One can ask the question again – but it may turn the client unhappy for answering the same question again.

Now comes the part of writing skill, documenting the requirements in a meaningful manner by making use of some flowcharts which are explained with the steps is also a part for a role of business analyst profile.

Let’s say that your current developer is the intelligent guy who had gained all the knowledge about the client requirements. But what if he leaves the company and then you have a new developer with lesser experience, it may get hard for you to provide details around the requirements on which he needs to work. So, a document containing the requirements with proper detail may come in handy to train your new developer.

Talking about the second major strength for a BA – “The People Skill”, as a Business Analyst one may need to interact with lot of people. Be it a Director of your organization or VP or some other teammates on various designations. You should be flexible and at the same time open enough to interact with anyone, you should be flexible enough to modify your ways of performing the tasks exactly as they want you to perform.

The people skill gets necessary for a you to sustain yourself regardless of the people type, domain, industry and project type that you are going to face.

“Communication Skills and People Skill” are the two key strengths for a Business Analyst to separate from the plethora of business analysts that are available and stand out as person to be hired right away.


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